About Us

Our Goal:

Trust is key to blissfulness. Our vision is to bring you premium, unique products that change the game of this journey we call life. Products that simplify life, and bring you joy. Items you may not have even known to exist. Zenmood.af only brings you products that will help you find your inner Zen. Life is better when your mood is #Zenmood.

Trust our vision, Listen to the vision.

Why Trust Zenmood.af?

Zenmood.af negotiates the lowest prices! We run on a smaller, more personable scale which allows us to contact manufacturers directly and acquire special deals that let us often times have lower prices than other online retailers or even big supermarkets.

Zenmoodio.af not only manually hand-picks the items they want to sell but also surveys its products with a ranged demographic to ensure that they are appealing and desirable.

Note: Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery during rush order times.

How it Started:

Cultivate what is best within ourselves.

Zenmood.af started as Zenmoodio's Trust with the realization that many people live with the wrong mindset of too much negativity, not enough kindness or love. People are not living up to their full potential. We want to bring up the energy in peoples lives!  We wanted unique items that everyone else didn't already have, things that would help us stand out as individuals.

The idea quickly expanded! By presenting new trendsetting gadgets, and unique gear for him and her, not only would we be spreading Zenmood.af message of a positive, fuller life, we would also be making our customers feel special, feel happy, and just make day to day life more enjoyable by being happy with the new state of mind.

We realized the happiest us is the real us.